Trump’s Withdrawal from Iran Nuclear Deal Was ‘Diplomatic Vandalism’

14 Jul

Trump’s Withdrawal from Iran Nuclear Deal Was ‘Diplomatic Vandalism’

The former British ambassador to the U.S. believed President Donald Trump’s withdrawal from the Iranian nuclear deal was an act of “diplomatic vandalism” against his predecessor Barack Obama, according to newly leaked memos published Sunday in a British newspaper.

The Mail published the memo from Kim Darroch on Sunday.  

Last week the newspaper published other leaked memos from Darroch about Trump in which the diplomat described the U.S. leader as “inept,” “insecure” and “incompetent” and his administration as “uniquely dysfunctional.”

Darroch resigned from his post Wednesday after the publication of the leaked diplomatic cables and Trump’s Twitter attack about the memos.  

Trump posted Darroch was “a very stupid guy” and a “pompous fool.”  The U.S. president said he would “no longer deal” with the British ambassador.  

The leaked cables were meant to be seen only by senior British ministers and civil servants.